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  • Date: September 11, 2021
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If you have a public website (no need to register) or if you are a web developer who is developing a website for a client and wants to add diagram or assignment functions, the single website license is sufficient. It includes subdomains, mirror or translation sites, development and test servers. Maciej Mikelevic associate and partner Andrius Iskauskas not only designed 5 separate license agreements, but also advised the customer on possible licensing models. Maciej`s experience in software development has allowed us to speak in the same language as the industry and better understand the customer`s needs. Yes – on charts 4: Maps and Charts 4: Timeline add-ons are available. These assume that you already own or purchase an amCharts 4: Charts license. This type of dual license is suitable for either a SaaS (Software as a Service) website or a reusable software product. amCharts 4: Charts is allowed per website or application and not per developer, so no licenses should be transferred between developers within the same organization. All Charts 4: Charts licenses are unlimited for the current major version, including free updates for all ancillary versions. Individual or SaaS application licenses, OEM licenses, and advanced OEM licenses include a 12-month amPlus subscription that also offers priority support and access to all new major releases released during your subscription period.

Yes. You can upgrade by paying the difference between the two license types. The free license contains the same functionality as the paid licenses, but contains an amCharts watermark on each diagram. Think of it as a less restrictive OEM license. In addition to what the OEM license does, it also allows for three additional things: it`s not a legal consultation. More information about deposit licenses Examples of repeatable software applications: a CMS system, a desktop application, a mobile application. Please note that a single SaaS/Application license covers application clones on all platforms. So, if you have the same mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, for example, you only need a license. If you are interested in the final product of our teamwork, here you will find the licenses on the graph.

This page will help you determine which of the available license types fits your case. If you`re not a big fan of reading, skip straight to the comparison table below or contact us. amCharts does not offer older versions directly for sale. However, purchasing a new amCharts 4 license allows you to download and use amCharts 3 at no additional cost. The amendments were designed to make the licenses more transparent and clear and to relax some of the restrictions that didn`t make much sense. This type of license does not limit the physical servers used to run. The WINT IP & Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice group advised amCharts, the global leader in JavaScript/HTML5 diagrams and map data visualization libraries , on software licensing models and designed a set of software license agreements. To view the fine print of each license, go to our online store and click on the “Read License” link next to the product/license price….