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  • Date: September 13, 2021
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Take a look at Spireon, a developer of solutions for embedded intelligence. The company has gained a lot of traction by entering into dealer deals with car dealers across the country to sell its Kahu product. “I`m looking for partners who can make commitments,” Marc said. “I`m not looking for an agnostic partner who sells a lot of similar types of tools. We want companies that have a firepower and sit at the table with certain groups of customers. Over time, the economy is likely to change, as will some of the other terms. Doing things right the first time can be a challenge. However, for the process to run smoothly, you need to identify partners who will essentially fit into your distribution organization. While reseller agreements can effectively drive growth, they can easily slip. Success requires a lot of strategy and planning. “When selecting a potential partner,” said Kevin Weiss, CEO of Spireon, “it`s important to recognize that the two companies need to complement each other in a way that not only creates revenue opportunities, but is also other compelling reasons for joint transactions. This was the case for our business strategy. Even before it is resold, our Kahu product improves the distributor`s ability to manage its stock and improves both operational efficiency and sales. We then create additional sales opportunities from the resale of Kahu to the consumer for Stolen Vehicle Recovery and other connected car services.

After the sale, Kahu helps keep dealers in touch with their customers by giving insight into the actual mileage and health of their cars. By offering our reseller partner a complete lifecycle of value, our product radically changes the way they do business and pushes them to adopt our product as an integral part of their own business strategy and tactics. All partners must agree to the Microsoft Partner Agreement, including indirect resellers, by January 31, 2020, to ensure that their ability to create new customers or place new orders for existing customers in the CSP program is not disrupted. After this date, acceptance of the Microsoft Partner Agreement is required for all CSP partners. Partners who have not accepted the Microsoft Partner Agreement cannot place new orders and are limited to managing existing subscriptions. On September 1, 27, 2019, the Microsoft Partner Agreement became available in the Partner Center for partner centers that participate in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to verify and accept it. It allows the partner to be allowed to the transaction and replaces the following agreements: But of course, another key element of a successful reseller agreement is good profitability. Admittedly, there are not necessarily fixed rules. However, in most cases, it is important to find enough protected margin for a partner to be profitable. If not, you`re expecting lackluster sales. “So it`s up to the vendor to offer its resellers a strong promise of value for return on relationship,” said Ralph Nimergood, vice president of worldwide Channel and Alliances at Commvault.