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  • Date: September 14, 2021
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Partnerships with universities, research centres and institutes, government authorities, NGOs and other organisations should involve active cooperation in international activities. Types of cooperation can take many forms: collaborative research and teaching, joint workshops and conferences, student and faculty exchanges, work-study programmes and even offices abroad. IU teachers and staff should complete an online application to propose an agreement. The review and approval process begins with the submission of the application. A dental hygienic can practice in any environment or organization that is documented in the dental hygienist`s access practice contract. Ind. Code §25-13-1-10 If you are a faculty or employee of the UI, you work with the international administrator designated by your school to propose formal recognition agreements for a partnership or to initiate certain activities with a partner. An NP may prescribe prescription drugs and schedule-controlled substances II-V, if this is described in the written cooperation agreement and certain requirements are met. 848 IAC §5-1-1 Collaborative Agreement – Click here for more information on cooperation agreements.

A cooperation agreement is needed to define how the NP and the medical practitioner cooperate, coordinate and consult patients` healthcare. The provisions shall include the type of cooperation and the timely review of prescribing practices. 848 IAC §5-1-1(7) Our international partnership staff can guide you through the application process, from the preparation of the application to the execution of the agreement. Before you begin, absolutely read the policies, templates, and apps. Do you want to know if IU is already working with a partner? Before proposing an agreement, check the register of active agreements. These models are a starting point that reflects the standard conditions generally required in agreements for certain types of international activities. A cooperation agreement between the doctor and the PA is necessary. The agreement must contain all the tasks delegated by the doctor and establish, among other things, the protocol that the PA must follow when prescribing a drug. Ind. Code §25-27.5-5-2 The Indiana General Assembly recently passed a law (“Bill 1248”) that modifies the relationship between physicians and medical assistants (“PAs”) from a supervisory relationship to a collaboration. Healthcare providers should be aware that Bill 1248 influences the form of the agreement that physicians and PAs must enter into, the revision of the medical picture, and the ability of PAs to prescribe medications.

Bill 1248 will come into force on July 1, 2019. All agreements that establish membership or partnership with a foreign company, as well as any international activity conducted under an agreement, must undergo a rigorous verification and approval process. While these amendments give more authority to SAPs, AAPs should not practice independently of a cooperating physician. If you or your organization have any questions about changes to Indiana`s medical aid legislation or need help developing new cooperation agreements or guidelines, please contact Stephanie T. . . .