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  • Date: December 6, 2020
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The aim is to confirm the reception on air of the following works of art. Artists should list both the wholesale and retail prices for the convenience of the gallery and avoid any misunderstandings. 16. The duration and end of the shipment. The artist and the gallery agree that the initial delivery time of the work of art will continue until the artist will not request the return of the work before that date, unless the agreement is violated by the gallery. Subsequently, the agreement will be maintained from one party to the other party until it has been terminated in writing. Within thirty days of the notice of termination, all accounts must be settled and all unsold artwork returned to the artist at the gallery`s expense. The contract automatically ends upon the artist`s death or if the gallery goes bankrupt or becomes insolvent or violates the contract. In response to recent articles on Payment Issues, there have been many comments on delivery agreements, several implying that the percentage of mailings between the artist and the gallery is negotiable.

Your professional behavior goes in all directions. Act as a professional in every aspect of your business. The professional guidelines provide 19 documents supporting and standardizing professional practices in the arts and crafts community. Use this information to improve your artistic success. Let me know what topics you would be useful to. It would be unethical for a gallery to expect a portion of the franchise to be paid by the artist if the consignment contract explicitly indicates that the work of art is insured at the wholesale or artist price. Inventory List If you sell handicrafts on the air, some stores will also ask them to give them a detailed inventory and price list. Even if this is not the case in a store, you need to create one for your records and keep them. Write down what you bring and how much you bring.

In addition, you must write the shipping price for each item. You need to know how much they sell your item and how much you get from the sale of each item. It`s also a good way to keep an overview of what`s being sold for them and if you take goods that don`t sell as well elsewhere. The appointment of the gallery. This provision determines whether your relationship with the gallery is exclusive or not and defines the geographic area in which the gallery represents your works. Exclusive means that, while the agreement is in effect, only the gallery (not you or any other gallery) can represent the sale of works of art in the territory you define. If the agency relationship is not exclusive, others (including you) could request potential sales within the area. If it is exclusive, insert an instruction in the section of the territory to reflect the areas where you have granted rights, for example. B” New York State “. It happened to a friend of mine. In his delivery contract, it was stated that the work was carried out “during the establishment.” There is nothing to be done about a franchise in the treaty.

In my more than 35 years of experience as an artist exhibiting and working in the world of crafts, I have never seen a gallery contract requiring the artist to pay the gallery insurance by deductible in case of loss or damage. If art or crafts is borrowed by a collector who has paid the retail trade, then there is no wholesale price and the value of insurance is the retail price. DETAIL PRICE: $3,000 INSURANCE VALUE: $3,000 store identification taxes typically require a tax identification number for their registrations and your, when selling crafts to the issue. You can get one by going here. Some stores will be ok with only with your Social Security number because they declare your income and their if it`s the tax period. However, a tax identifier may give you the added benefit of getting deliveries on the wholesale trade, so you might consider getting one, if only for that reason.