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  • Date: April 9, 2021
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This page defines the distributors (suppliers) that are attached to the GPO contract. Savings provided by a horizontal group policy object are provided on purchases that each member customer makes directly with the contract provider of the group policy object on the basis of “Best-in-Class” contracts for which all members receive the same price and service. Customer staff can focus on strategic purchases, knowing that non-strategic purchases are well managed under first-class contracts. Use the GPO distributor page (define group reseller) (MFG_GPO_VENDOR) to enter GPO distributors (suppliers) and their marking percentages. Purchasing groups create and manage GPO contracts for indirect and direct services or raw materials – and they also create and manage relationships between three parties: the GPO itself, its members and suppliers. Afaxys GPO Services negotiates and enters into supplier contracts on behalf of the Member, which allow it to acquire on a non-exclusive basis (i) products and services available for use by the member under these supplier contracts and/or (ii) to participate in other CMOs or agreements under which the member may have access to services or the purchase of products and services from suppliers with which Afaxys GPO Services does not have a contract. The member authorizes Afaxys GPO Services, the member`s authorized representative and on its behalf, (i) to negotiate and conclude the terms of supplier contracts and to terminate, modify or modify supplier contracts, as far as necessary, timely or appropriate; (ii) to obtain information on the purchase of products and services in connection with supplier-by-member contracts by suppliers, third-party organizations, including other GINA CEDCS, distributors and e-commerce companies, and (iii) to participate in all administrative and other costs arising from purchases made by members under a supplier contract. With the exception of a contractual relationship that the Member has with a supplier and communicated in writing to Afaxys GPO Services prior to the entry into force of this Agreement, Member does not enter into direct contractual agreements or other relationships with suppliers, with the exception of a local supplement or other ancillary supplier support agreement in which Afaxys GPO Services has a supplier contract without prior written authorization from Afaxys GPO Services. As a supplier, you`ve created your own customer base and you may be wondering how your organization could benefit from becoming a GPO provider. We work closely with suppliers to maximize your marketing presence while creating added value for our members. Enter the supplier`s priority number to identify primary, secondary and tertiary distributors.