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  • Date: December 12, 2020
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However, this territorial protection is limited by two elements: the franchisee has a non-exclusive right only in its territory with respect to ServiceMaster itself, and any franchisee is authorized to provide services to unsolicited customers outside its territory. In particular, know-how in the provision of services is often more important than for the provision of goods, as each service requires the execution of certain work and creates a close personal relationship between the provider and the recipient of the service. Therefore, the protection of franchisor`s know-how and reputation may be even more important for service companies than for distribution franchises, where products primarily promote the activity with the manufacturer`s or distributor`s brand. Similarly, some services, such as service services. B, are executed with the customer, while the goods are usually sold on the premises of the distributor. Services of this type further strengthen the link between the service provider and the customer. It has the power to execute and provide this agreement and any other document relating to this agreement, to which it belongs and which it must provide; it has the authority to meet its obligations under this agreement and any obligations arising from a compensation agreement to which it is a party; It has taken all necessary steps to authorize its enforcement, supply and enforcement, including the authorizations required by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Act as amended, including amendments made by the U.S. Federal Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 and as part of an agreement, law, executive order or order with the control authorities of a party; and intra-brand competition within the ServiceMaster network itself is preserved: high-level restricted territorial protection does not grant franchisees exclusive marketing or customer rights.

Franchisees are free to provide services to unsolicited customers residing outside their own territory. The result is some price competition between franchisees, who are free to determine their selling prices. (1) ServiceMaster has notified a standard form franchise agreement for use in all EC Member States. The agreement covers the provision of cleaning, cleaning and maintenance services to commercial and domestic customers. ServiceMaster requested a negative certificate or, failing that, an exemption decision under section 85, paragraph 3, of the treaty. In addition to item 9 of this agreement, the parties agree that [the Luxembourg counterparty] expressly and expressly confirms its consent to the provisions of Clause 9 of this agreement for the purposes of Article 1 of the Convention on Judicial Competence and Enforcement of Civil and Commercial Decisions, signed in Brussels on 27 September 1998, and without prejudice to the previous implementation of this agreement by the contracting parties. , and expressly and explicitly confirms its consent to the provisions of Clause 9 of that agreement and expressly and explicitly confirms its consent to the provisions of Clause 9 of that agreement. confirmed its agreement on the provisions of Clause 9 of this agreement. which provides that the Frankfurt-on-main landgericht has jurisdiction to rule on any appeal, appeal or procedure, as well as for the settlement of disputes that may arise or in connection with this agreement, by submitting to the jurisdiction of those courts irrevocably for this purpose. Recalling the request made on June 3, 1987 by ServiceMaster Limited (England) to provide a negative certificate and notification of a standard form for the provision of franchise contracts for the provision of cleaning, cleaning and maintenance services in the Community occurs an event defined as a delay event or other similar event as part of a compensation agreement , which would, if there were transactions going on under such a netting agreement.

, or authorizes the ECB to take measures that would lead to a termination of delay in the context of such a compensation agreement, in the event of termination of delays in the context of a compensation agreement, or the customer will defend, compensate and compensate Plaid for and against all claims, actions, proceedings, settlementair