Mexico Releases Agreement

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  • Date: December 12, 2020
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The June 7 agreement will require migrants crossing the border to seek asylum and Mexico to identify changes in national legislation to implement the agreement, the Wall Street Journal reported. The agreement contains a clause whererly, if the United States finds that Mexico`s actions have not yielded sufficient results to prevent migration flows after 45 days, “Mexico will take all necessary measures under domestic law to bring the agreement into force.” According to the letter, Mexico agreed that Mexico should take “all necessary measures” to bring the agreement into force within the next 45 days if it did not achieve “sufficient results to cope with the influx of migrants at the southern border” after 45 days. The document refers to the joint statement by the United States and Mexico, which contains a series of measures against migrants, which the New York Times quickly revealed, that it was little more than a reissue of things that had already been agreed months earlier. The document states that the two countries “will immediately begin talks to create the final conditions for a binding bilateral agreement that will continue to address the distribution of burdens and the attribution of responsibility for the treatment of migrants` refugee rights.” This suggests that there are demands to make Mexico a “safe third country” that requires migrants to seek asylum in Mexico and not in the United States. However, an agreement on this point would be “part of a regional approach” to the treatment of migrants, the document says. The dream scenario for Trump would be for Mexico to sign an agreement on a “safe third country” with the United States. With such an agreement, the United States could simply send back to Mexico any Central American crossed from Mexico. All refugee claims must be filed there and not in the United States. Mexico has refused to do so, both because it is not particularly immune to the kind of violence people are fleeing in Central America and because Mexico fears being overwhelmed by a deluge of so-called migrants.