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  • Date: October 5, 2021
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I agree that the purpose of this agreement is to increase my knowledge and experience in the field [field of activity]. I also agree and understand that my supervisor evaluates me with respect to the development and knowledge of the learning and education experience in order to maintain regular contact with [company name]. You should be aware that your employment in [company name] is part of an internship program and should not last longer than the above data. However, nothing changes your status as an explicit employee “at your convenience”. In the context of an “arbitrary” employment, you are free to terminate at any time, with or without reason or without notice. Similarly, the company is free to terminate its employment with you at any time. The “approved” employment status can only be changed or supplemented by a written agreement signed by you and a company representative. A book publishing contract is a formal legal document between an author and a publisher. The contract sets out the conditions for the publication of the literary work. 2. Indemnification.

The parties agree that this is an unpaid internship, given that the intern is not financially compensated for the tasks performed in the company. The intern agrees that he/she should receive valuable knowledge, experience, education and training in the business sector taking into account obligations and responsibilities. 5. Confidentiality. Under this Agreement, it may be necessary for the company to transmit proprietary information internally, including trade secrets, industry knowledge and other confidential information, in order for internal obligations and responsibilities to be fulfilled. Internally, at no time will this proprietary information be disclosed. The intern will also not use this protected information for his personal benefit at any time. This section remains in full force and effect, even after the termination of the contract, by its natural termination or by early termination by one of the parties. CONSIDERING that trainees wish an internship to acquire valuable knowledge, experience, training and training in the business sector; A personal credit agreement or debt instrument is a legally binding contract that is usually concluded between family members and friends. A credit agreement describes the repayment of the loan and other important terms. 13. You hereby agree that, while you are an intern at [company name] and for one (1) year after the end or end of your internship, you do not attempt to (i) recruit, attempt or recruit employees directly or indirectly or (ii) directly or indirectly advertise, advertise, promote or disturb a customer or supplier of [company name] in any way, that conflicts with or interferes with [COMPANY NAME`s] activity, as managed with that customer or supplier.

If you decide to offer an internship offer to a Silicon Valley student, the next step is really between your company and the intern.