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  • Date: April 12, 2021
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Skrill Wallet was designed to allow secure payments. Cards or bank details are never passed on to merchants. Skrill reaches Level 1 PCI-DSS. In addition, accounts are protected by two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. The URL to use for instant payment notification. It crushes the notification URL that is configured in the dealer configuration. 8.5. We refund all previous recurring payments initiated by or through the distributor, provided that (a) the initial authorization granted to us or the merchant did not indicate the exact amount of the payment and (b) the amount of the payment exceeded the amount you reasonably hoped for, taking into account your previous spending model and the circumstances of the case. You must request such a refund within eight weeks of the debit date of your Skrill account.

You agree to provide us with the reasonably necessary information to determine whether the repayment terms described in this section 8.5 are met. Within 10 business days of receiving a refund request or, if applicable, after receiving other information we have requested from you, we will either refund the full amount of the payment or give you a justification for the denial of the payment that indicates that you have the right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (details in section 21) if you do not accept the statement of reasons. 11.1. Payments are strictly prohibited in exchange for the sale or supply of: tobacco products, prescription drugs, drugs and parapherne, weapons (including but not limited to knives, weapons, weapons or ammunition), satellite and cable television decryptors, equipment inciting violence, sending or receiving; Hatred, racism or that are considered obscene, state identity cards and licenses, including replicas and novelties and all counterfeit products, lotteries or unlicensed or illegal gambling services (including use or participation in illegal gambling houses), unregistered charitable services, items that encourage or facilitate illegal activities, prepaid debit cards or other stored value cards that are not related to a particular distributor and are not limited to the purchase of certain products or services, multi-level marketing systems, pyramid or Ponzi schemes, matrix programs or other “fast” programs or high-interest investment programs , goods or services infringing on the intellectual property rights of third parties, unencrypted/unencrypted coded coded games, timeshare usage rights or On and Off Plan payments. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to add categories of prohibited transactions by adding these categories to these terms of use or to a usage policy published on the site. 8.3. If you choose to transfer funds with a payment method that may be subject to a collection fee (a “chargeback”) such as (but not only) credit or debit or debit card, you declare that you will only exercise this refund for unauthorized use of the payment method or for a violation of those terms of use, which would entitle you to a refund of the downloaded amount. Otherwise, you cannot refund a download transaction or allow the return of load of download transactions for reasons for which we are not liable, including (but not only) disputes with merchants regarding the non-delivery of goods or services or an insufficient balance in the payment method account.