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  • Date: December 18, 2020
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10.1 Tencent is authorized to amend the terms and conditions of this contract if Tencent deems it necessary and you can find the current version of this agreement on the corresponding website. If you continue to use Tencent Game Service after changing the terms of this contract, you are deemed accepted. (2) creating a game character, defining the online name, displaying the rules of the game, user profiles and match results, creating flexibility, defining game settings, buying or using gaming devices, playing equipment, game currency, etc. in Tencent Game and the use of chat function and social sharing function; and Tencent plans to increase its advertising revenue through artificial intelligence and virtual costume brands in its video games. [145] 1.4 Tencent Game refers together to all games operated by Tencent, including customer-based PC games, web games, HTML5 games (H5 games), mobile games, TV games and other types of games; and Tencent Game can be provided as software, in which case Tencent Game also contains the associated software and documents. We may block or terminate your access to your account or any or all of our services: (i) if we reasonably believe you have violated these conditions; (ii) if your use of our services poses a risk to us or other users of our services, endangers potential third-party claims against us or potentially damages our reputation; (iii) if you do not use our services for a long period of time; or (iv) for another reason. To the extent reasonably possible, we will notify you of any suspension or termination. The gaming industry in India is estimated at 6200 aff. and is expected to increase fourfold by 2022 to reach 25,000 aff. The number of people who play online games will exceed 300 million and consists of about 55 percent of casual players and 66 percent of heavy players.

1.6 You, also called player or user, refer to any individual authorized to use Tencent Game and Tencent Game Service. In May 2017, Tencent surpassed Wells Fargo and climbed into the top 10 most valuable companies in the world. [66] [67] Tencent has also reached an agreement with the Wuhu City Council to build the world`s first eSports city, which includes an eSports theme park, an eSports university, a cultural and creative park, an animation industrial park, a creative block, a community of technology entrepreneurs and the Tencent Cloud data center. The website is used for training and hosting future eSports players, as well as for the organization of national eSports events and as a hub for tencent`s game development. In addition to Wuhu, another eSports theme park is planned in Chengdu. [69] [70] In January 2015, Tencent launched China`s first online bank. [58] On January 30, 2015, Tencent announced that it had signed a $700 million contract with the National Basketball Association to broadcast American basketball games in China. [59] Later that year, Chinese automaker BYD became the main sponsor of Tencent`s NBA broadcasts. [60] On June 21, 2016, Tencent announced an 84.3% takeover agreement for Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, at $8.6 billion. [61] In July 2016, Tencent acquired a majority of China Music Corporation.

[62] In 2016, Tencent founded with Foxconn and luxury car dealership Harmony New Energy Future Future Mobility, a car startup that plans to sell high-end cars in 2020. [63] On March 28, 2017, Tesla, Inc.