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  • Date: April 13, 2021
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This life-changing program will help you return to your innate wisdom and live your life on the basis of truth. They will help you understand that in the agreements we make, it is ultimately a matter of seeing our whole reality through the eyes of the truth. The result of the exercise of these agreements helps you to accept yourself as you are, and to accept all others exactly as they are. The reward for this is your eternal happiness. If you are already in a relationship that does not honor you, then you can enter a period of healing and purification, so that you both return to love and respect, starting with yourself and following each other. You start with yourself, because you have to have love to give love; They need self-esteem to show respect. What do I mean out of respect? When I am in a relationship with you, I respect your choices; I`m not going to try to control your decisions. Because I love you, I allow you to be who you are. I don`t need to agree with you, but I respect all the beliefs you have, all the decisions you make, because I love you the way you are. I also respect my own life, and I will not allow you to control my life. The purpose of all this inner work is to enjoy life, and there are many ways to express that joy. One is through our relationships with family, friends and our loved one.

In our family tradition, the mastery of love begins by bringing harmony into our most effective relationship: that with ourselves. This championship gives us the opportunity to share this harmony with everyone in our lives. Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and Don Jose will show how to heal emotional wounds and regain the freedom and joy that are part of our birthright. Beautiful poem………… We finally agree that I love you…. A kindness of love incredulously offered, not receiving A thoughtful act offered to relieve the pain of the words of those who tease A friendly gesture of a friend advice and the help of those who? Borrowing a way and a chance to help me beg and lift me at least I go down If everything was said? d hoped? d Oscillating And do not finally reject these words, we agree that I love you and that you are not? You love me Today may be the day when you will experience the beauty of yourself, if you recombine yourself to your own mind and express all love in your heart. The greatest mission they have is to have fun and share your love, joy and happiness. How do you feel? Do you love, respect and honor yourself? If the answer is no, it explains all the broken hearts you`ve had. If you don`t love each other, don`t respect yourself and don`t honor yourself, then you`re afraid that other people will treat you without love, respect and honor. But as soon as you learn to treat yourself with love, respect and honor, there is no way you will accept anything less from others. In her first book, she succeeded with great success.

Their unique way of telling stories consists of excerpts, images and metaphors that tell a story of love and reconciliation and freedom. With self-love, you appreciate your own presence. You appreciate what you see, every time you look in the mirror.