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  • Date: December 19, 2020
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C. Technical changes: No changes to a registered plate are required for technical changes, such as.B. changes in classification or utilities that do not affect flight costs, priority margins, draw positions, notes or other denominations on the subdivision plate. These changes must be approved as part of the corresponding authorisation procedure, for example. B permission to disturb the soil. (1075, 11-19-2013; amd. Ord. 1408, 10-15-2019) The border can also be determined by the principle of the border by Estoppel. This is essentially a theory of appropriate and prejudicial dependence on an earlier representation of the adjacent landowner. There must be a positive representation with respect to the placement of a boundary by one landowner, reasonable dependency measures of the other landowner and damage if the landowner making the initial submission has been allowed to refuse. utahpropertyrights.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/26-ao-eickbush-by-lisa-g-romney-11-29-07.pdf There are exceptions. For example, understanding that a fence is not built to mark a border, but to contain livestock, can ruin a right at the border through tolerance. Each campaign quarrel is factually unique and will have its own way of solving.

These general principles do not provide a direction for a particular scenario. For each specific controversy, personalized legal advice should be obtained. The important thing to remember is that just because the plate says your fence is in the wrong place doesn`t mean the plate is necessarily correct or enforceable. 1. Join two or more consecutive lots of the petitioner`s tax holder, as described in point 17-9-060 of this chapter; E. Public consultation is not necessary: Notwithstanding Sections B and C of this section, the city may consider an application for eviction or modification of a subdivision map submitted by an owner at a public meeting. Subject to notification to neighbouring homeowners pursuant to Section 17-9-030 of this code, if the petition states: C. Parcel Boundary Adjustments And Boundary Line Agreements: An adjustment of the land boundary or boundary line agreement that is subject to Utah Code 10-9a-523 and 10-9a-524 amended, does not require verification by the City. (1332, 7-10-2018) This page explains boundary adjustments (in which the line is changed) and limitations (in which, theoretically, the line is not changed, but only defined). When it comes to a border by appointment, there are a few basic principles. If you and/or your neighbours still pay both mortgages on your property, you will probably need to consult a lawyer before entering into a lot line agreement.

Your bank may prevent you from entering into such an agreement and, instead, you can insist that you license a surveyor to inspect the country. 3. Adjust lot lines of adjacent lands or parcels when royalty holders of each of the adjacent parcels or parcels participate in the petition, whether the parcels or parcels are in the same subdivision as those described in point 17-9-060 of this chapter; If the border is uncertain, then an oral agreement can avoid the status of fraud, according to the theory that it merely determines the position of the line and does not alter it.