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  • Date: December 20, 2020
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The agreements with Occidental described above have been reviewed and approved by the Special Committee, which includes only independent members of the WES General Partner`s Board of Directors. The special commission was advised by Bracewell LLP as legal counsel and by Lazard as financial advisor. In parallel with the implementation of these new agreements, WES`s general partner adopted a revised and revised agreement on commercial partnerships, which significantly expanded the withdrawal rights of WES`s general partner for unrelated public shareholders. On February 28, 2019, Operating GP entered into a compensation agreement with WGR Asset Holding Company LLC (WGRAH) for a December 19, 2018 credit agreement by and under the operating partnership as a borrower, Barclays Bank PLC as a director, as well as lenders and other parties. The compensation agreement provides for compensation by the WGRAH of Operating GP for future claims, the GP transaction with respect to a loan (loan) under the credit contract immediately before and in the execution of certain contribution-related transactions (as defined in this report 2.01) or any debt incurred by the corporate partnership under the credit contract for the refinancing of bonds issued by the loan on the basis of certain obligations. Western Midstream Partners LP, formerly Western Gas Equity Partners, LP, is a limited partnership. The company was created to hold approximately three types of partnerships in Western Gas Partners, LP (WES). WES is a master limited partnership (MLP) that collects, compresses, processes, processes and transports natural gas, as well as collecting, stabilizing and transporting condensates, natural gas liquids (NGL) and crude oil. WES offers these midstream services for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (Anadarko) as well as for producers and third-party customers. Its assets and investments are located in the Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Utah and Wyoming), northern central Pennsylvania and Texas. The bison processing plant processes and compresses gas from methane wells in wyoming`s Powder River Basin. MIGC, LLC receives gas from various methane collection systems in the Powder River Basin and the Hilight system. Ure continues: “We firmly believe that the formal identification of staff engaged in WES increases the orientation of staff, which in turn enables employees to achieve operational efficiency and improved customer service, creates increased accountability and positions WES from 2020 to directly align compensation incentives for all employees engaged in WES with WES midstream performance goals.” For more information about Western Midstream Partners, LP, visit www.westernmidstream.com.

Kristen Shults Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications Kristen.Shults@westernmidstream.com 832.636.6000 Western Midstream Partners, LP (“WES”) is a Limited Partnership by Delaware Master created to acquire, own, develop and operate midstream assets. With midstream assets in the Rockies, northern pennsylvania, Texas and New Mexico, WES is active in natural gas collection, compression, processing, processing and transportation; collection, stabilization and transport of condensates, natural gas liquids and crude oil; and the collection and disposal of water produced for Western and Third.