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  • Date: December 21, 2020
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The data protection authority refers to personal data, as sensitive user information is the most sensitive. These may include usernames, email addresses, file activities and attempts to register. Data operators and processing managers are legally required to serve the purpose of this contract. This healthy practice does not lead to fiasco, but to the true intelligence of business through data processing and research. What does my company need to do to ensure compliance? First, identify each relationship your company has with suppliers, customers, subcontractors or contractors, agents, resellers, distributors, etc., in which you provide them with personal data or in which you are dividing personal data. Second, for each of these relationships, identify whether you are the data manager or you are the data processor. Depending on the answer, you would like to agree on a slightly different data clause – as the data manager, you will inevitably want to transfer as many loads as possible to the data processor, but as the data manager, you want the processor to be fully responsible for compliance with the law. Finally, it is established that there is a written contract between the two parties. If there is an existing contract, you must accept a change to that contract (which, in principle, should not be a problem, as the other party should also be interested in amending the contract in order to comply with the RGPD). If you do not have an existing contract, you must enter into a written agreement to ensure that the agreement contains the necessary data clause. Depending on the timetable, you may be able to use the “standard clauses” published by the European Commission or the UK government. All contracts that you enter into that contain a personal data stream should include an appropriate data clause that corresponds to the RGPD.

ยท Check the lens: As a controller, you need to keep an eye on the processor to see if it is using the data based on the stated goal or not. In doing so, you must ensure that its purpose does not exceed the original legal scope of data processing. When a processing manager uses a subcontractor to process personal data on his or her behalf, there must be a written contract between the parties. The agreement must stipulate that the subcontractor is at the end of the contract: a data processing agreement (DPA) is a legal document signed by the person in charge of the processing processing and the subcontractor, either in writing or electronically, and whose purpose is to regulate the conditions for the processing of personal data of EU citizens. Personal data is all the information that can identify a person, i.e. his first name and his or her name, date of birth, place of residence. LinkedIn or Facebook, for example, can take stock of your personal images, chats and comments. Prior to the RGPD, several data processing organizations treated their CRM or database as a gold mine. They were aware that sensitive information is nothing less than a gold rush. They have drilled users` habits, interests and behaviour to acquire ideas. This insight has helped data miners explore all avenues and discover breakthroughs to reach the final destination.