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  • Date: April 15, 2021
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International experience is an essential element of university education – the wide range of possible stays abroad offers many possibilities, including several months or a full year`s studies at a foreign university, professional experience, completion of a language course or specialized courses or research work for a thesis. But you are also cordially invited to come to us during the school holidays to volunteer (up to six weeks) to find out which field you want to work in in a day. He then went to the German School of Journalism in Munich and did an internship at the S-deutsche Zeitung. A training agreement is actually a document that defines the nature of your internship or internship. It is issued by your current or former university or by your educational institution and serves to prove that the internship is part of your studies and training. The agreement is signed by the sending institution (university), the receiving company and you, the intern. The internship in Spain cannot and does not offer training agreements; It is just a news article. In 1985, as an architecture student in Hanover, he received a DAAD scholarship for an internship in the United States. Their university or educational institution should provide their own.

If they don`t have a model, they can be inspired or follow some of these models from third-party offices. Here are some examples of formal institution training contracts-Erasmus The systematic integration of practical experience into the programmes has enabled more than 7,000 students to gain hands-on experience before the end of their courses. Curriculum: Provision of ECTS points and recognition in the student`s title at the end of the bachelor`s degree. Extracurricular: they are volunteers who may or may not be related to any type of education, but who reinforce the student`s learning in one way or another. During each internship you work on, you get a learning result. Therefore, a learning result is given, which means that universities can sign this document. In this way, studies facilitate deepening and specialization with a high degree of theoretically thoughtful orientation on practice, academic research on specialized pedagogy and its professional concepts, the development of methodological concepts and the ability to work independently and academically. Mitsubishi Electric offers an internship for schoolchildren (about two weeks) to give you an overview of professional life.

Dr. Andra Thiel-Hoffmeister and his team from the Faculty of Biology/Chemistry received the Award for Excellent Professional Experience. He then attended the German Journalism School in Munich and gained professional experience in the S-deutsche Zeitung. He then studied and worked in Graz, Austria, where, after graduating from the University of Hanover, he continued to work with renowned architectural offices in 1989.