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  • Date: October 8, 2021
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6.14 Form and notification to the original resident: full name and following residents: all others occupying the premises described below in the city and municipality of San Francisco, State of California, including all garages, storage and common areas. Please use this full garage/storage rental agreement from ezLandlordForms to set the terms of your garage or storage rental. Parking is a thorn in the side of many businesses and makes it more difficult for both employees and customers. Some car parks are often included in a commercial lease – but it may not be enough. Contracts often allocate parking spaces in proportion to the total area of the rented offices. Garage rental agreement date: Owner details Tenant data Name: Name: Phone number. Phone number. E-mail: E-mail: Address: Location of the garage: This agreement is concluded on the above date between the lessor and the. Creating a “short-term garage (parking)” rental contract is not a monkey shop. We stated above that the agreement has financial and legal implications. Any negligence, recklessness or omission on your part can have serious consequences.