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  • Date: October 15, 2021
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We were grateful that Mountbatten shared our views to the fullest. We owe to his remarkable influence on their leaders that the vast majority of the princely states quickly negotiated their accession to one or the other of the new dominions. Thus, largely thanks to Mountbatten`s persuasion and royal blood, a legacy of potential clashes and further fragmentation was averted. Attlee wrote to Mountbatten on 18 March 1947: “It is of course important that the Indian states adjust their relations with the authorities to whom they must cede power in British India; but as expressly stated in the Cabinet Mission, Her Majesty`s Government does not intend to cede its powers and obligations under primacy to a successor Government. It is not intended to complete the primacy as a system before the date of the final transfer of power, but you are allowed to negotiate with individual states on adjusting their relationship with the Crown at the time you deem appropriate. The princely states would be free from the orders and treaties of British rule in India. They can either join the two dominions or remain separated.”[6] India`s early years of freedom were plagued by the tragic legacy of partition. Refugee resettlement, economic disruption and insufficient resources for virtually all needs, ongoing communal conflicts (with more than 10% of India`s population remaining Muslim) and, a few months after independence, the outbreak of an indefinite war with Pakistan over Kashmir were just some of the greatest challenges facing the new regime. Lord Mountbatten remained in New Delhi to serve as India`s first new Governor-General, mostly ceremonial work, while Nehru became the first prime minister to assume responsibility for India`s responsible government and headed a congressional cabinet whose second most powerful figure was Patel. Is it possible for the good gentleman to say something about it at this point, which causes enormous fear, and that is the position of the Indian army? I think something should be said at this point so that these people know where they are in relation to the proposed changes. Her Majesty`s Government has always wished that power be transferred in accordance with the wishes of the Indian people themselves. This task would have been greatly facilitated if there had been an agreement between the Indian political parties. In the absence of such an agreement, the task of developing a method for determining the desires of the Indian people passed to the flesh of His Majesty Govern-36.